Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mid-week happenings

My Dad arrived in Melbourne yesterday though not for familial reasons. Strangely enough, he is here for meetings with my former employer. So far he hasn't run into anybody on campus that I knew but then a lot of them have quit since I was there. We've managed to go out to dinner every night he's been here and that's saying a lot considering how busy I've been. This was definitely not the best of weeks to show up but I've got to play the hand I've been dealt and I'm super happy to have him here. I just wish we could spend more time together.

The theater is where I've been spending the majority of my time lately. I volunteer at the Henegar Center in downtown Melbourne and our latest show Once Upon a Mattress has proven to be quite taxing from a technical standpoint. I am running the lightboard while also calling the show and though we are still in rehearsal, it is fairly stressful. For instance, I thought everything was going along swimmingly when I walked into the booth this evening but as it turns out, Hell was just about to be unleashed. From burnt out lights to messed up cues, it was a miracle we even got through the first act. Tomorrow is our last rehearsal so it had better be as close to perfect as possible.

On the work front I am busier than ever. I finalized the demo product today and begin working heavily on the presentation materials. Everybody who has seen the demo in action agrees that even in its nascent state it far surpasses our current version in every category. This is probably the first project where I can truly feel I have relied on others' expertise. So regardless of how management views it, I know that I will be able to take something positive away from this experience.


Anonymous said...

Ya Management sucks! -v5

Sean said...

Though true of my former employer, in this case management and I simply have differing ideas on how to achieve similar goals.